gojot is a modern command-line journal that is distributed and encrypted by default.

Ok. But, really, gojot is just a fancy wrapper for git that allows you to make time-stamped entries to encrypted documents while keeping the entire document synchronized. gojot is great for a distributed and encrypted journal and is compatible with all major operating systems. gojot is a single binary (with a text-editor built-in!), so you only need git to get started and is compatible any local repo or hosted service (Gitlab/Bitbucket/Github).

Here’s what it looks like in action (check if its encrypted):


  • Single dependency

    Requires git (version 2.5+).

  • Single binary

    Available on all major systems and architectures.

  • Built-in text editor

    micro is built-in by default, but can also uses vim/emacs/nano.

  • Fulltext encryption

    Uses OpenPGP, compatible with gpg.

  • Filename encryption

    Uses ChaCha20.

  • Built-in version control

    All versions are saved, currently only newest is shown.

  • Lots of other neat features.

    Searching, summarizing, synchronized deletion, self-updating, collision management, and more.

  • Open-source

    Source on Github, written in Go and licensed under the MIT, with exception of a few open source components from third parties.